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Eating More Meals A Day Cuts Cholesterol And Flab-Is It True?

The Daily Mail has on September 14, 2013 reported that eating less during a meal but eating as many as nine meals a day could help in cutting down cholesterol and flab in the body. A comment has also been made that it can help lower blood pressure and encourage weight loss. This report has also been published by several dailies across Asia.

The report has quoted Dr. Susan Jebb, head of the Medical Research Council’s Human Nutrition Research Unit as saying, ” splitting food intake, so we eat many times a day will have metabolic benefits over, and above the same food consumed in a smaller number of meals.”

The research was conducted by scientists from the Imperial College London and compared the diets of more than 2000 people from UK, China, US and Japan. The participants all had the same calorie intake but half the participants had fewer than six meals a day while the other had more.

Results showed that the first group had higher systolic blood pressure. They were significantly heavier than the group that had more meals during the day.

Another study conducted on children in the age group of 9 to 13 showed that those that had more than five meals a day were less likely to have higher levels of LDL cholesterol.

The scientists concluded that eating smaller but more meals a day could indeed be beneficial to the body. They mentioned that eating frequently ensures that people stay away from fatty foods and help the body deal with food intake in a proper manner.

Dr. Susan Jebb also mentioned that people who are willing to abide by such habits would have to keep a strict watch over their calorie intake.

The studies conducted may have a point, which people will do well to keep in mind. However, is it possible for people to notice a reduction in cholesterol and body fat merely by eating smaller meals more frequently?

It is highly unlikely that people will have the time required to engage in such habits regularly. Times are such that people look forward to skipping meals and grab a snack whenever possible. In most cases, people tend to eat something that is not really healthy for their body. Under the circumstances, it can be said that the research only relates to a few that may have the spare time available to indulge in habits like these. What can the others do?

Nearly a 3rd of all Americans are described as obese. In fact, doctors now describe the condition as an epidemic. Under the circumstances, this research is only going to aggravate matters without really providing relief to most. Therefore, people will have to look for alternatives that can help them better.

An excellent way of cutting down on unwanted flab and bringing about a reduction in cholesterol levels is to include a dietary supplement, which has taken Hollywood by storm recently. Ever since Dr.Oz spoke about green bean coffee extracts the product has been gaining in popularity as a good weight-loss supplement. What are the reasons for the sudden interest in this product?

When coffee beans are roasted, they lose an active compound that is referred to as chlorogenic acid. This is the compound that helps people lose weight without going through a great deal of difficulty. However, when the extracts are quickly sealed and bottled the results seen are entirely different.

Studies have shown that these extracts restrict the absorption of fat within the body and also trigger the activation of fat metabolism from the liver. This is acknowledged as an important function that helps in reducing weight.

It also restricts the release of glucose into the blood, especially after a meal. This is another factor, which contributes to the reduction of weight.

The chlorogenic acid that is found in green coffee beans is a natural phytochemical that is found at high concentrations in this ingredient. It is also found in some plants but in smaller concentrations.

It can also stimulate the body’s natural way of getting energy from fat.

People looking at this discussion could perhaps want to rush into a supermarket and purchase the first bottle of green coffee extracts they see. However, they will do well to conduct some studies before they decide to take such actions. People must understand that for the extracts to be fully effective, they must receive at least 800 milligrams of fresh green coffee extracts. The supplement must contain at least 45% or more of chlorogenic acid to enable the body to lose weight fast. These are factors, which must be considered before a purchase is completed.

People can certainly make an attempt to follow the suggestions made by Dr. Susan Jebb but will perhaps do better if they also include MX Green Coffee Extracts from New Zealand to stay healthier without problems like high cholesterol and flab affecting them.