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Should you get the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

IMG_121The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is a new invention that anyone can get if they have a bit of extra cash to spend. It is pretty bulky and large but has a lot of great features. There has been quite a bit of hype over the watch, but the real question is: should you get one? There are many things to consider before making your decision, so let’s take a look!

All about the smartwatch

The smartwatch is a bulky and large watch-device that is almost as smart as a smartphone. You will need to fork out $299 on top of the cost of your Galaxy Note 3, which could get really spendy but may be well worth it to the right individual. The whole idea behind the watch was to create a way for people to access easily text messages and emails without having to take out their phone. More or less, it is a smartphone on your wrist, and you can do almost just as much with it.

At NBC News, Wilson Rothman lists some of the positive and negative things that you get with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and I included a few I like as well:


-It’s great for telling time. You can easily see the time because the watch is so big.

-It’s not nearly as big as we all thought. It seemed like it would be the biggest and bulkiest invention out there, but really it’s quite nice.

-Offered in multiple colors. Of course, if you are going to be sporting it every day and don’t want to spend the cash for many colors, you will probably want to go with black or white, but at least those who can’t make one-color match everything in their wardrobe may want a special color.

-Pausing music is easier. I always hate taking my phone out of my pocket to adjust music volume or skip a song, but that’s not a problem anymore with the smartwatch.

-Speakers on the wrist. This isn’t the most necessary thing, but what really is about the smartwatch? It is mostly just a cool feature!

-Convenience. It is ridiculously convenient to have messages sent straight to your wrist. It is perfect when at work or just when you don’t want to be rude and pull out your phone. At least, you know the importance so you can decide whether or not to answer it right away.


-Camera quality isn’t very good. Though I personally don’t mind the quality and think they are pretty great pictures, some people really don’t like the low quality and awkward way you have to hold your wrist to take a picture.

-Charging the battery is a pain. The battery life is pretty low and will only last a day, and you have to dock it to get it charged. As long as you remember to charge it every night, it shouldn’t be a problem.

-Must own the Galaxy Note 5. The only way to get this smartwatch is also to own the galaxy note. That’s annoying to quite a few people who would rather pick a different phone to get the watch.

Should you buy it?

The decision is up to you. Why not try it out and see if you like it? Assuming you have a lot of extra cash, it might be fun to try out for a while!