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Incognito Braces

Incognito Braces A beautiful set of teeth is a blessing and it can play an important role in one’s personality. However, most of us have overlapping teeth, rotated teeth or simply we do not have enough space in our mouth to accommodate all the 32 teeth. Whatever may be the reason, if you want to have a perfect smile, you should visit an orthodontist.

Orthodontist is a specialized dental professional, who treats people with misaligned teeth. Proper alignment of the teeth not only improves the smile, but they also play a major role in oral hygiene and oral function such as chewing and talking. If you are a resident of the Northern Virginia area, Saba Ortho is available to treat any kind of problem related to mal-alignment.

Simple, single tooth mal- alignment can be treated with a removable retainer. However, when many teeth are involved, orthodontists recommend braces. Braces are of different types such as metal braces that are attached to the individual tooth, mini braces or invisible braces. Many patients prefer invisible braces, as they do not provide the metallic look while opening the mouth. Depending on the severity of mal-alignment, braces have to stay in a patient’s mouth for duration of 6 months 2 years.

The disadvantages of wearing braces are that the wearer has to bear some extent of pain each time the orthodontist activates the appliance as well as one should take care of his oral hygiene each time he/she eats something. Or else, the whole appliance will retain food particles, which can subsequently cause plaque formation and eventually decay of the teeth. Orthodontists usually recommend brushing the teeth after each meal with fluoridated toothpaste and usage of mouth wash twice daily.

A properly done orthodontic treatment provides a wonderful smile and confidence to the wearer.