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What is PR-News-Wire & PR Frog

We don’t have to submit to all the news wire services to improve our rankings and building backlinks. Submitting to these sites alone can bring in thousands of published press release pages with backlinks to your website.

For those who would like to have a larger list of news distribution services (press release services that are free to use), I’ve included a complete list of available news release distribution centers in an Excel file. You can find
it inside the downloaded zip file. The above shown news article (the one I’ve created for edu backlinks) has been submitted to over 40 news distribution centers including the top services given above.

But to start with your SEO press release campaigns you don’t have to do the same. Publishing a news article to the top ten services would bring you the results you want. Once you’re done with that, if you have time you may submit it to the others as well. For competing keywords I’d recommend to do this twice a month to BOOST your SERP rankings.

Creating Your News Article

There are a few things you have to take care of while creating your news article ‘backlinks building’ These top news wire services will not publish every press release they get. So we have to be careful while submitting our press release. My last press release got rejected on 5-6 websites. That’s normal, we may not get 100% approval—and this is more than enough get maximum backlinks. But we should make sure to minimize the number of rejections.

General format of a press release:

There is a general format for a news article. It has to be an announcement, service or website or a product launch, service or product update, offer or deals etc. The title must look newsworthy. Only then we can get maximum
distribution. Because both the main news wires and the smaller ones want to publish and distribute content that is really newsworthy. If you submit a news article with a title “See How I’m improving my websites SERP rankings”, there is no doubt that you won’t get any approvals. The main parts of a news article are:

Title or Headline of the news article (Make it a 100 characters one) Summary or a Short description (Maximum 250 characters) News Content or Press release body (minimum 300 words would be appreciated) About the Company, Service, Business Person or the Product (This is optional, but this would help to increase the approval rate and
distribution) Keywords or Tags (Minimum of three keywords related to your news article) Author Name, Contact Email, Contact Address, Phone Number and Website URL Though these are the basic requirements, it should vary from website to website. But nothing more will be required.


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